Completed Fields
Southeast High School Is Next!


Since its inception in early 2012, Fields & Futures has rebuilt athletics fields at Jefferson Middle School, Webster Middle School, Capitol Hill High School and Taft Middle School (11 fields total), and is moving towards completion of three additional fields at Northwest Classen High School, leaving 10 more schools to go! 

Up next: Roosevelt Middle School and Star Spencer High School.


A great demonstration of public/private partnership, Fields & Futures works closely with several companies and organizations to accomplish its work:

Cimarron Construction  

Wes Welker Foundation 

MA+ Architecture

Olsson Associates

Oklahoma City Public Schools  

C.L. Boyd Co.

Oklahoma City Community Foundation 

Along with a growing list of donors, sponsors and foundations who so generously support the mission, these individuals and organizations are linking arms to IGNITE SUCCESS - one field, one coach, one student at a time.



Jefferson Middle School

Football/Soccer, Baseball, Softball


Webster Middle School

Football/Soccer, Baseball, Softball


Capitol Hill High School

Baseball, Softball, Football/Soccer Practice Field


Taft Middle School

Softball, practice field, futsal court

Currently In Progress


Northwest Classen High School


Star Spencer High School


Roosevelt Middle School



Caring is a powerful motivator. Sometimes, all a student needs to hear is, “We care about you.” It’s amazing what a little bit of attention and positive recognition can do for the human mind and heart.

Fields & Futures is a way to show students how much we care by giving them safe fields and new equipment, plus lots of positive encouragement along the way. Through our actions, we are saying, “We see you, we care about you, and we’re here to help.”

As more OKCPS students realize they have a support system of people who care about their future, it is our hope and belief they will engage in productive after-school programs and activities and feel motivated to maintain or improve grades, attendance and overall school performance.


Coaches are a powerful and influential force in the life of a student athlete. To a lot of students, they are bigger than life. They are expected to be strong, fair, compassionate, focused and unrelenting in their quest to build champions on and off the field. So, who’s coaching the coaches?

In late 2011, coaching turnover across the district was trending as high as 35%. In order to give student athletes the ongoing care and attention they deserve, OKCPS Athletic Director, Keith Sinor, knew he would have to stem the coaching turnover and build a culture for his coaches and athletes that fosters deeper, longer lasting relationships.

Fields & Futures, with the help of the Wes Welker Foundation, Metro Technology Centers, Orthopedic Associates and other partner organizations, is committed to helping OKCPS Athletics provide resources and support for the district's 265 coaches.



• Motivational speakers
• Sport-specific instruction
• Connections to student social services
• Resource partners
• Awards & Recognition


New In 2014


Everyone knows stories or players who show great athletic promise... only to wash out before realizing their full potential, due to some poor decision or ethical lapse.

This reminds us that competence is only one part of the equation when building a successful athlete. It takes knowledge, skill and ability to succeed - but it also takes character. When you combine character and competence, you get a different kind of consistency - a result everyone can be proud of.

This idea is what drives the ELEVATE program, powered by the Academy of Sports and Character. Coaches who want to achieve a higher level of consistency must develop the character - not just the competence - of their athletes.


Kayliah Turyner-  Centennial

Tre'von Bruner- Centennial

Matthew Johnson- Centennial

Matthew Mantle- Centennial

Shauntae Morris- Centennial

Corey Morgan- Centennial (pictured)

Davion Warden- Taft (pictured)

James Williams- Taft (pictured)

Keondrick Wilson- Taft (pictured)

Kahia Scroggins- Taft

Ivy Hernandez- Taft

Kierra Howard- Taft

Katherine Kennedy- Taft

Tiana Hernandez- Taft

Cambree Lackas- Taft

Alyza Turner- Taft

Kytreiona Carolina- Taft

Megan Corley- Taft

Zoe Peek- Taft

Vivian Adams- Taft

Cynthia Anena- Taft

Megan Corley- Taft

Kendazia Church- Taft

Brianna Sloan- Taft

D'shaynae Mcvea- Taft

Sincere Moore- Taft

Kierra Howard- Taft

Jordan Tanner- Taft

Keondrick Wilson- Taft

Jeremiah Griffin- Taft

Deshawn Griffith- Taft

Kortian Wells- Taft

Treveon Grant- Taft

Jeremiah Griffin- Taft

Andrew Meyer- US Grant (Pictured)

Samuel Davis- US Grant (Pictured)

Paige Peevy- US Grant

Alexia Merino- US Grant

Maddison DeSoto- US Grant

Daniela Ugalda- US Grant

Abbagael Cordova- US Grant

Estrell Cortez-Lopez- US Grant

Belgica Franco- US Grant

Erika Hernadez- US Grant (pictured)

Crystal Castro- US Grant (pictured)

Ana Fraire- US Grant

Crystal Borrego- US Grant

Adriana Martinez- US Grant

Jennifer Rodriguez- US Grant

Denisse Nunuz- US Grant

Yesenia Garcia- US Grant

Emma Montiel- US Grant

Israel Lugo- US Grant

Angel Gutierrez- US Grant

Edgar Toledo- US Grant

Mike Powell- US Grant

Quayshaun Roberts- US Grant

Dillion Coddington- US Grant

Cesar Payan- US Grant

Luis Cisneros- US Grant (pictured)

Wayman Thomas- US Grant

Haley Castillo- US Grant

Jamie Godinez- US Grant

Ana Morales- US Grant

Jenny Tovar- US Grant

Da'Briana Orozco- US Grant

Claudia Soto- US Grant

Madahi Lozano- US Grant

Miguel Arroyo- US Grant

Edgar Cruz- US Grant

Isaac Roldan- US Grant

Tevin Pittman- US Grant (pictured)

Andre Dillingham- US Grant (pictured)

Deangelo Gregory- US Grant (pictured)

Latrell Mitchell- US Grant (pictured)

Cordell Franklin- US Grant

Jhonathan Perea- US Grant

Areli Rodriguez- US Grant

Ashley Flores- US Grant

Kali Holmes- US Grant

Machelle Grundy- US Grant

Manuel Aldana- US Grant

Raul Gonzalez- US Grant

Carlos Ceniceros- US Grant

Daniel Escobar- US Grant

Karina Gutierrez- US Grant

Domonoique Williamson- US Grant

Jimmy Reese- NWC

Antonio Smith- NWC

Roger Adams- NWC

Raysaan Churchill- NWC

T'Aboliek Vick- NWC

Poetry Jameson- NWC

Geralyn Smith- NWC

Irma Esqueda- NWC

Austin Cardenas- NWC (pictured)

Michael Nquyen- NWC (pictured)

Junior Moran- NWC

Issac Minjarez- NWC

Jorge Camacho- NWC

German Padilla- NWC (Pictured)

Bryan Martinez- Webster Middle School

Saul Torres- Webster Middle School

Gregory Holley- Webster Middle School

Donnie Hurd- Webster Middle School

Derrick Hill- Webster Middle School

Trace Hernandez- Webster Middle School

Donny Richardson- Webster Middle School

Justin Roberts- Webster Middle School

Gabriel Christain- Webster Middle School

Juan Rodriguez- Webster Middle School

Taleighja Blow- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Nalani Grant- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Jordan Holderness- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Ale'shia Clark- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Brynna Tillman- Webster Middle School

Lyssa Anderson- Webster Middle School

Vanessa Najar- Webster Middle School

Joanna Delacruz- Webster Middle School

Brianna Wenner- Webster Middle School

Evelyn VanDohlen- Webster Middle School

Daisy Gutierrez- Webster Middle School

Corliss Quillen- Webster Middle School

Shianna Godinez- Webster Middle School

Jackie Godinez- Webster Middle School

Deshia Ayala- Webster Middle School

Summer Clark- Webster Middle School

Alexis Cuadrado- Webster Middle School

Jessica Ross- Webster Middle School

Arelli Montoya-  Webster Middle School

Cielo de los Santos- Webster Middle School

Elijah Mcelyea- Webster Middle School

Cody Freeman- Webster Middle School

Donnie Hurd- Webster Middle School

Tracee Hernandez- Webster Middle School

Kimberly Scott- Webster Middle School

Seth Livermore- Webster Middle School

Andrew Eastmond- Webster Middle School

Esteban Cuadrada- Webster Middle School

Alberto Aquirre- Webster Middle School

Brett Stiles- Webster Middle School

Ashley Ibuado- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Ramya Graves- Webster Middle School (pictured)

J'korra Ford- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Lois Hill- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Aalyshe Bell- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Heaven Milton-Sadler- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Nancy Rosendo- Webster Middle School

Kiera Powell- Webster Middle School

Mariyah Crockett- Webster Middle School

Greg Holley- Webster Middle School

Genesis Gordon- Webster Middle School

Reggie Pen- Webster Middle School

Jeff Foreman- Webster Middle School

Blake Griffith- Webster Middle School

Torvos Simpson- Webster Middle School

Cedric Roberson- Webster Middle School

Deante'e Mitchell- Webster Middle School

Shella Roberson- Webster Middle School

Yoseli Garcia- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Victor Rodriguez- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Dominique Alexander- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Orlando Dom- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Greg Holly- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Alondra Navarrete- Webster Middle School (pictured)

David Arriaga- Webster Middle School (pictured)

Michelle Jamie- Roosevelt Middle School

Andrea Para- Roosevelt Middle School

Yeidilen Ochoa- Roosevelt Middle School

Jacarri Taylor- Roosevelt Middle School

Karla Gonzalez- Roosevelt Middle School

Martha Medrano- Roosevelt Middle School

Maria Sanchez- Roosevelt Middle School

Maritza Guillen- Roosevelt Middle School

Evelyn Perez- Roosevelt Middle School

Maria Gomez- Roosevelt Middle School

Christoper Gillespie- Roosevelt Middle School

Billy Nguyen- Roosevelt Middle School

Josve Muniz- Roosevelt Middle School

Carlos Magallres- Roosevelt Middle School

Diego Guerrerro- Roosevelt Middle School

Leiser Be Palma- Roosevelt Middle School

Gustavo Gallegos- Roosevelt Middle School

Darian Martinez- Roosevelt Middle School

Ryan Putman- Roosevelt Middle School

Jasmine Horton- Roosevelt Middle School

Blanca Garcia- Roosevelt Middle School

Tatyana Pittman- Roosevelt Middle School

Kelicia Johnson- Roosevelt Middle School

Kyl Francher-Callahan- Roosevelt Middle School (pictured)

Rafael Hernandez- Roosevelt Middle School

Christian Sanroman- Roosevelt Middle School

Ulises Urbina- Roosevelt Middle School

Mario Escobar- Roosevelt Middle School

Corey Larkins- Classen SAS (pictured)

Esteban Young- Classen SAS (pictured)

Taylor Roberts- Classen SAS

Sophie Trachtenberg- Classen SAS (pictured)

Kennedy Williams- Classen SAS

Demetrius Nettles- Classen SAS (pictured)

Dre Wilson- Capitol Hill

Daquan Burden- Capitol Hill

Joel Garcia- Capitol Hill

Jesus Garcia- Capitol Hill

Mile Almonsa- Capitol Hill

Mireya Barraza- Capitol Hill (pictured)

Danel Ware- Capitol Hill (pictured)

Carmen Hernandez- Capitol Hill (pictured)

Serenity Williams- Capitol Hill (pictured)

Jhavonna Miller- Capitol Hill (pictured)

Montrel Simmons- Douglass (pictured)

Patrick McKaufman- Douglass (pictured)

Tre Sanders- Douglass (pictured)

Anthony Jackson- Douglass (pictured)

Jazmin Grant- Douglass (pictured)

Breianna Samilton- Douglass (pictured)

Brenda Avila- Jefferson Middle School

Lataysha Vaden- Jefferson Middle School

Brion Randall- Jefferson Middle School

Annette Fuentes- Jefferson Middle School

Nayeli Padilla- Jefferson Middle School

Tynerica Hawkins- Jefferson Middle School

Javion Combs- Jefferson Middle School

Keondric Gaines- Jefferson Middle School

Sony Lopez- Jefferson Middle School

Adaylas Lawson- Jefferson Middle School

Chris Torres- Jefferson Middle School (pictured)

Kyl- Jefferson Middle School (pictured)

Rafa H- Jefferson Middle School (pictured)

Rashaad Simpson- John Marshall

Amaya Eason- John Marshall

JoJo Shells- John Marshall

Tyshawn Dozier- Star Spencer (pictured)

Jalen Brothers- Star Spencer (pictured)

Dazjon Streeter- Star Spencer (pictured)