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Fields & Futures is a registered 501(c)3 founded in 2012 by Oklahoma City residents Liz and Tim McLaughlin, to serve Oklahoma City Public Schools Athletics in their mission to grow student participation in sports by rebuilding 42 athletic fields, providing improved resources and professional development for the district's 250 coaches, and creating new opportunities for students to join a team and benefit from that experience.

It has been decades since most Oklahoma City public schools have had well maintained athletic fields and, as a result, student athletes have had to travel by bus to other locations to play their games, making it difficult for families and friends to be actively involved and cheer them on. By rebuilding 42 fields across the district, we will give kids a new home field advantage … one they will be proud of, and one their families and friends can enjoy.

It’s amazing what a little bit of attention and positive recognition can do for the human mind and heart. Fields & Futures is a way to show students how much we care by giving them safe fields, new equipment and lots of positive encouragement along the way. Through our actions, we are saying, “We see you, we care about you and we’re here to help.”

By creating an environment where more students will feel inspired to join a team and spend their time involved in constructive learning and productive activities, we can make a swift and measurable difference in the lives of these students, their coaches, families and communities.

National statistics* show students involved in organized athletics experience better grades, better attendance, higher graduation rates, and have a higher sense of self-worth and better social skills than non-participants. At Fields & Futures, we believe if they play, they stay and if they stay, they graduate.

Thank you for your support!

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(*Source: National Federation of State High School Associations)

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About Oklahoma City Public Schools

• Oklahoma's largest school district

• 46,000 students and growing (including charter schools)

• Approximately 16,500 students in grades 7-12

• Current participation in sports: <30% (vs. national average of 55%)

• 50+% hispanic and growing

• 100% of students on free or reduced meal plans

• 5 mid-high schools (shared campus)

• 5 middle schools

• 5 high schools


District Athletic Director: Keith Sinor